I don’t like surprises. I would hate it if people would organize a surprise party for me. I would innocently come home from a dinner, a date, a dentist appointment, in my everyday clothes, in my everyday mood. I would innocently open the door to my living room and all my friends would be there, hidden behind that door, they would jump up and scream: SURPRISE. I would die, I would have a heart attack and die, right on the spot. Maybe I would just be able to whisper: Surprise. Or: You’ll never surprise me again.

Luckily enough my best friends know that I don’t like surprises or at least I hope so. If they read my blog they know now.

Maybe that is why I can not think of a best surprise….there could have been one……On my birthday I went sailing with H and I.

The worst one was the break up with R. She really surprised me.

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