Into the New Year | written by Melanie Safka

Into the New Year

Peter and I were married on New Year’s Eve. We went to ‘Cousin Brucie’s’ New Year’s Eve party at his loft in New York City. Cousin Brucie announced it and everyone cheered and toasted. Now it is coming on to forty five years later, forty five years, a ripe old age in other times but I grew up in never never forever and ever land and I am still not comprehending with my whole self that Peter isn’t here to celebrate forty five years of marriage ~ Peter was there for a minute in ‘Melanie and the Record Man’ – now the void is seemingly getting bigger, cavernous and unfathomable, how are we expected to get up from this depth. I grasp at anything that looks like a lifeline, I don’t even know why, except I made a deal and I don’t like to go back on a promise ~ tonight I make a promise that I will sing forever ~ we’ll shine our little light … and nobody wants to go to bed. This year I want to sing “Make it work for me” to Aretha and “Extraordinary” to Nathalie Cole, those formula people need to get out of the arts and let artist go direct. Peter says I’m right. Here somewhere into the new year. So my dear ones, we go on, into the new year.



via Melanie Safka – Journal.

3 reacties op “Into the New Year | written by Melanie Safka”

    1. Don’t understand what this has to do with Melanie Safka, apart from you and her sharing your first name…..

  1. I don’t understand the above reaction which is not written by Melanie Safka at all…..

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