Melanie (Safka) speaks out

It Boils Down to This

 My Dear Ones,It boils down to this. And I’m always looking for that this.
“Oh how simplistic, Melanie,” you say.
But there must be an underlying cause for war, inhumanity, cruel behavior,
sometimes disguised as “those are the rules”.
Crazy laws get put into place, turning perfectly nice people into criminals
and other nice people into enforcers of law.
Because mankind is good, it must boil down to a terrible this.
This is on the tip of my tongue or
wedged into that part of my brain that has
been turned off somewhere along the line.
Ever since I’ve found out that dormant other has been freeloading,
it’s been a highly suspect candidate for this.Another bone of contention is intestines.
More nooks and crannies, twits and turns,
predisposed to all kinds of problems ~ next time someone is going to design a race,
the colon and intestines,
take a better look in that area.
I don’t pretend to know, I’m just pointing out built-in potential for trouble
so a brilliant, good person can correct the basic design flaws,
deliberately built in or mistakes.
And please, flying.
I know how it feels, don’t you?
How could we possibly ever know if we’ve never done it?
If I were going to submit new design plans,
I would bring back flying.
“Please don’t try this at home.”


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