>What a lazy day. Was in bed till about four. Slept long and great. But right now I feel as if I am a walrus. I ate so much that I couldn’t eat all day and when I got hungry I ate the rest of yesterday’s greasy left overs and finished them all.

So the plan is to do a cleaning and cleansing at the beginning of the new year for about 6 weeks. I will just eat fruits and some kind of porridge of oats and millet.
I also intend to use my crosstrainer with a fat burning programm and use my total gym.
I am excited and scared but I am so overweight it doesn’t feel funny anymore. In a way I hope to be as beautiful as I was when I was 22 and I can not yet accept I will not be at least not in this lifetime. Actually I don’t think I was ever pleased with the way I looked, also not when I was 22 where as now I think I was stunning.
This is probably due to the fact that I am born a woman and I think with the birth as woman it is inherited never to like the way we look.

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