>We survived Christmas. It was TOLL.
The party at Xaviera’s was great. She had cooked delicious food for some thirty partygoers and as a big surprise several of the guest were musicians and actors who loved to perform.
My own Rati sang four songs with a participating crowd that clapped and sung along.
Pauline a dear friend of Xaviera’s did an hilarious but musically very good act with an operasinger. Pauline had me laughing with tears.
Two women performed monologues. The Jewish monologue but the best was the Veiled Monologue by Oya Kapel a woman from Turkey. Beautiful!
A young talent played the piano and Eric sang easy listening songs.
We came home around 1 AM and made a big breakfast.
Cos, yes yes yes, we ate…..
Oh yes, we ate.

For dinner we had first two different cheesefondu, as we are veggies here. Dessert was chocolate fondu made by Nitai.

Now we are so tired and full, I gotta go sleep.

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