>Gentle Forces

It ain’t always easy to write in English, how does one translate: De zachte krachten zullen overwinnen?
Gentle forces will prevail?

Today I had a long talk with my friend Fred about evil forces, maybe even from out of space, who try to influence people and who will want to conquer the world. In Buddhism these evil forces are called Demons and they try to keep us from practicing and from believing in our own buddhahood. They are powerful. People make mistakes and make another mistake, they blame themselves or others. These powers should be confronted with the good. Good forces. I want to chant for world peace. 1000000 daimoky for worldpeace. For all these evil forces, the evil powers who don’t want us here to be happy, that maybe want to control us I want to offer something in exchange.

May the gentle forces prevail.

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