Familial Feast

Familial Feasts

Yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?


My day would be for relatives that are not related. One of my favorite ‘aunts’ was my mothers best friend Mimi. She was not related to my mom even though they really looked like they were sisters. They both had short dark curly eyes that looked full of mischief.

I loved my mother very much and maybe that is why I loved my aunt Mimi. She smoked a lot of cigarettes, liked her sherry or wine or whatever it was that she drank, she had a husky voice and was a nurse. Unmarried and a devout Christian. She was so much fun and I was so proud to call her my aunt. 

She died years ago, my parents died first and I would call on her at least once a month. Her death came unexpected. I still miss her.

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