>A very good morning to you too

>Remember my complaint about nobody commenting?
Well, several people who read my blog have commented to me in a private way. My friend Lidi said it was hard to comment on something as personal as my ramblings, Sylvie said she didn’t know how to but has found out how now and Lauren also said she reads me and please don’t stop.
Well I won’t.
For me it is exercise like my swim training.
First you warm up for some ten minutes. Mostly Cor wants us to swim and go faster each lane, starting with 50% and ending at 70% or even 80%.
Supposedly that is what I am doing here too.
Get my fingers loose like a pianist who plays scales. I am playing the scale from A-Z on a qwerty keyboard.
But not just any qwerty keyboard, I have an ergonomic one, So good for my fingers.
I am off to my bath now.
Greeting you too.

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  1. >I’m glad you won’t stop writing!

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