Today is the day. It is quiet in most streets apart from the occasional Sinterklaas with his Pete’s. I saw three Sinterklazen today and always when I see one my inner child wants to scream : Sinterklaas Sinterklaas, do you see me? Have I been a good girl? Zwarte Piet (Pete) have I been good?
I used to so much love this party. Every year we would celebrate it with my family. We would draw a name and for that person you were supposed to buy a present and make a poem. Mostly we had a limit of what you could spend, something like five guilders or so.
The last Sinterklaas we celebrated there was something wrong with my mother, I felt it but I couldn’t lay my finger on it. She was matte. She was sick already but we didn’t know. It makes me sad to think of it. It makes me sad that I didn’t realize she was sick. Sad that it was the last Sinterklaas. Sad that she has been gone already for such a long time. I remember the first months I thought that it had been long enough, that it was time for her to come back but she didn’t. Of course not, nobody ever returns from death. We will be born again but we don’t return.
Back to Sinterklaas.
I believed in the Sint till I was 7 years old. Every night I would put my shoe out in the hall with a carrot or some straw for Sint’s white horse, Sint rides a gray. We were living in an appartment building and I would sing a song for Sint. My sister Lilian would sing with me. The next day, I would find a present in my shoe, mostly marzipan. Maybe French fries in the shape of marzipan. I loved it. I still do.
Marzipan has been sold out already for days.

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