I am being banned to a tropical island. The only things I can bring with me are my toothbrush, my juzu (prayerbeads) and five albums.

Only three of these albums can be of the same artist, which will be MELANIE in my case.
What a terrible choice I have to make but these are my choices:

** The Good Book Melanie
** Stoneground Words Melanie
** Crazy Love Melanie
** Big Science Laurie Anderson
** Sound Dreadzone

I chose for The Good Book because especially the intro to the first song: “Good Book” brings me to a time where there was no time. It is haunting and soothing at the same time. Once, I was one of those hairy kids and now on this island I am out on my own. I love the line: give the poet a poem as I once was a poet. I feel with this song Melanie captured what I am and what I need.

Stoneground Words has been my favorite album for a very long time, when I ran away from the home where I lived with my first love, I left everything behind but for my copy of Stoneground Words and in the years that followed at least once a year I would play Stoneground Words four times in a row. The song I could not be without is on this album, it is again a song with the word Poet in it: I am not a poet.

My third choice is Crazy Love. I want to bring some of the Melanie of today and had to make a heartbreaking choice between Paled by Dimmer Light and Crazy Love. I chose Crazy Love because it has one of my favorite songs that I could also not live without and it is again a song about a Poet. It is the wonderful and soothing song: Poet is King that I can play endlessly.

So these are my Melanie choices.

Big Science I chose because when I first heard Laurie Anderson she reminded me of Melanie. Not her voice but her songwriting.
Her song Oh Superman is great but even better is Let X = X, a song that made me cry as it reminded me of my deceased brother.

Sound by Dreadzone is an album I’d like to bring with me as it is a great album just to dance to. Dreadzone is an eclectic fusion of dub, reggae, techno, trance, breakbeat and folk.

Okay I am leaving now…
I will try to sneak in some sun oil.

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