It was totally crazy. The SP, the Socialist Party, Socialistische (Soh zja listege) Partij (Par ti (like in tide) ) who has in their logo a RED tomato to be thrown at the Powers to Be, won, they doubled, they were the Victorious. The bold head of Jan Marijnissen was seen everywhere. The SP is a rather new Party on the Firnament but they go back a long way. They are socialist in communist, see what I mean? Some four elections ago they got Two seats and now they have Twenty Six.

We have 150 seats in our parliament that is called De Tweede Kamer.
The Christian Democrates are the biggest, they have 41 (they had 44), this is the party of our prime minister who looks like Harry Potter but is not as sympathetic. Him and the Liberals have governed our country for the last eight years. I don’t think they had a very human way of dealing with things.
The second large party is The Labour Party. I like them but that’s it.

But let’s get back to Femke. How did Femke do? I got questions from all over this globe to tell about Femke.
Even tough she didn’t do too well, Green Left, lost a seat and have 7 now,
her reaction at the electionmeeting, is the best one yet:
‘ Dear Friends, there’s been a landslide and it’s called the Socialistische Partij. Let’s all applaud for the SP.’

The party for Freedom headed by the right Geert Wilders who looks like a bleached Mozart, gained nine, out of nowhere.
Geert is not too crazy about all the non Dutch non Westerners and is backed by numerous Dutch.

The Party for Animals, who will only talk if about Animals, won two seats.
‘ we will bring to attention the suffering of the animals, if there is another issue Marianne(their leader) can go home to be with her child. That is important too.’ a voter said.

This leaves Netherland in a crazy state. There is no majority.

Now the Queen gets in action. People that say she has no power, be ware, this is her task, to get these Dutchies, with their strict morals and their free minds, a government that will govern the nation. That will make the laws.

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  1. >The Animal rights party has a core business of animall rights, then nature and environment, and then if you read the program a whole scale of idea’s in many political items.SP is now on the test-bench, allready they made a voters-lie: they would not govern with CDA, now the power is for the grabs, they say: CDA, shall we govern?Many anti-SP and ex-SP people can talk AND prove bad things top-down in this party. It will come out faster now. And with 3 gone of 9 (Laszrak, Piet, Harry Voss) there are now 26 potential people who wil turn back.

  2. >Hi Gemeente,I also have my doubt about SP, that’s why I didn’t vote for them. They remind me too much of a Politburo. You can find my Dutch opinion on my Dutch weblog.

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