Election Day

For some reason or the other I slept better. Well, I write ‘some reason or the other’ but I did all sorts of things:

* I went for a walk before I went to sleep, I dragged my lazy dog along and we walked for some ten minutes
* I drank a cup of warm milk with honey when I was in bed
* I put eyeshades on my eyes and plugs in my ears
* I chanted for better sleep. Remember: Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.?

I woke up about three times instead of every hour so I slept longer.

And when I woke up at 7 this morning I decided to get out, have my blood checked as I was supposed to do, to see if I have an infection somewhere or if my thyroid gland is working correctly
and after that
I walked to the voting office to vote
~ old fashioned again, a red pencil and a big piece of paper with all the names of the candidates.
We have voting secrecy here so mostly when people ask me what I vote I don’t tell them but I will tell you, my readers who I don’t know if you excist, I voted Femke again, Femke Halsema,
who is heading Groen Links, Green Left.
I have not watched any of those election programs on TV, nor do I know what the prognosis is for Groen Links of for Femke but I like Femke, I like the lightness she brings into politicics, so I hope she gets a lot of votes.
I will keep you all posted.

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