Sleepless Nights

I am blessed with a good mood. Mostly I am cheerful but but but: now after four weeks of lousy sleep it has hit me and it has bitten me: A BAD MOOD.
I am in such a bad mood I hardly recognize myself. My reactions are sharp, every complaint made by someone else irritates me tremendously, everything that doesn’t go smooth seems a reason for
me to become angry.

People have given me advice to be asleep but nothing seems to work, I wake up every hour, or every two hours. Very often to pee, never knew I had so much fluid in me. I am getting desperate, I don’t want to be a mean person, I want to be cheerful and happy. I am not unhappy, just in a miserable mood.

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  1. >ah so you are stuck in the world of anger 🙂 Well, it hits all of us sometimes..But the good part is: we can always get out of it by the blinking of an eye. Usually chanting helps and .. chanting also helps against lack of sleep. Many times chanting makes me really tired!!!

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