>Amsterdam Marathon



Today is the Amsterdam Marathon. A Kenian runner won in the time of 2.08.52, his name is Salomon Dubendich.  It was his first Amsterdam Marathon. Usually they would also run here in my neighborhood but this year they didn’t. Here was the turning point of the 10 kilometers.

I watched that. When the first woman passed by I yelled like I was a professional sports commentator:

“There is the first woman”

and I applauded loudly and everybody joined in. It was so great to watch, all these different people, different ages, different weights, different colours, different sizes. That sound of running feet I find just awesome. I think some 10.000 people were running here. It inspired me to have dreams about running next year. I started running some years ago and began to really enjoy it, unfortunately my feet started really hurting, so much that I had to stop. Tomorrow I am going again to my doctor to have her look at my feet and maybe maybe something can be done and maybe I will be running there next year and someone will scream:

“Look at that woman”

and I will be cheered as well.
Dream on.

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