>Was it Spring or is it Fall


It was the sweetest day today, sun was out, temperature’s high. People were sitting outside again, drinking their wine or coffee. The kids were playing in the playground again and their mothers talking, again, the endless circle of life.

I worked on the first chapter of my manuscript. I  had a deadline and I was nervous and tired.

It’s hard to sleep and it’s hard to be awake.

Right now it is time to sleep again.

I trained with my swim team, 10 minutes non stop, then 800 meters, first 400 every 100 from 60% to 80%, then 300 meters 50 meters 60% to 85%, then the last 100 60% to 95%. 100 meters relax back, and again 800 meters, medley, legs, medley, techichnal exercise. Can you believe I did it?

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