What I like about me – 5

Is it day five already.

What I like about me is that I am forgiving. The dictionary says that I am also: lenient, quick to forgive, merciful.

I don’t know why and I stopped asking myself why, but often people treat me like shit

They yell at me
They accuse me of all sort of things
They hit me in the face
They assume
They insult me

When that happens I freeze, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to say. Sometimes I walk away.
If they go on I can get mean too.
In the sixty years I live this has happened a lot.
For a while I would blame myself. What is it in me that people do this but now I don’t blame myself anymore. When people are mean they are mean.

But if they come to me and apologize, their apologies are accepted.

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