Melanie Safka: “I went out and tried to imitate Joan Baez and I got it wrong!”

Interview with Melanie

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In February of 2014 I was given an opportunity to speak to several of my musical heroes in order to promote a Beatles-related series of charity concerts in New York City (which marked the 50th anniversary of the group’s arrival in the United States). Tommy James, Gene Cornish, a member of The Spin Doctors, several new, up and coming artists, and Melanie Safka. Here I am, a new interviewer who still fumbles her way through questions and I’m talking to musicians who I grew up listening to. Thankfully each was an interview pro and through their warmth I was able to eventually get comfortable. Melanie Safka, who recently did a duet with Miley Cyrus in a backyard video that has gone viral at almost 4,000,000 views in just one month (, was so welcoming on the phone that we talked for an hour and a half, and could have kept…

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