>Peter Schekeryk, Husband & Producer for Melanie, Passes Away

>Peter Schekeryk, who was the husband of singer Melanie for 45 years and the producer of all but one of her albums, passed away on Wednesday, October 26 while shopping in Framingham, MA. He was 68.

Melanie writes eloquently in her own journal about her husband’s passing, the circumstances of finding out about his death, the talk she had with the Best Buy employee who was helping him when he became ill and a planned book.

So Peter wanted me to write a book and I never could start or rather, I could start and never continue. He even brought along a leather bound book so I could.

“Melanie, I love you. I would give up my life for you. Write it, Melanie, please, I love the way you write.”

I never saw it was Peter who was the story, the book. It will be Peter’s story, immigrant refugee to number one producer of Melanie, the love of his life. That crazy Peter, sometimes you can’t see it’s a story ‘till it ends, the greatest love story never told.
Yesterday, Melanie asked people around the world to listen to her song Beautiful People in memory of Schekeryk at 4 PM ET.

He is survived by his wife and their children Beau Jarred, Jeordie and Leilah.

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