>The best and cutest dog of my life



Britta young and handsome

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  1. >Hi, thank you for dropping by my blog. It's nice to know that we have a few things in common…one being loving "Melanie Safka's" music. I have not been able to find much of her music on CD's here at least. I see we also loved the book "Women who runs with the wolves"…I never tire of this book and always go back to certain chapters. I love the mythological tales, that help us to understand parts of ourselves and our souls.I'm also making my way towards some Zen Buddha spirituality. They had a whole 2 part PBS show on the story of Sidartha…very interestinhg. I learned a lot.Cute little dog in the photo. I love animals. I have an 8 year old black cat, had her ever since she was 6 weeks old.Blessings,Rhiannon

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