>In the train leaving Amersfoort


On our way back to Amsterdam, leaving station Amersfoort. This station was the scene of a ‘nightmare’ that I had for years.

I am travelling on my way back home to Amsterdam and I will have to change trains at Amersfoort. I have been away for a long time and I am anxious about the changing of trains. Will I find my new train? I am nervously running and looking for the train to take me home. Sometimes I have to go through tunnels, or climb over ladders to bridges high up in the stationhalls. I always catch that train but I am never relieved. The new train is often crowded with people from Russia, some carry their life stock. One time I am being attacked by dogs.
One day I realize that I have this recurring dream and the next time I dream the Dream, I say to the engineer who I see in the locomotive:
What is it with this station? I even dream about it
At that moment I am lifted and I am in an airplane taking off.

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