>Summer & Pears 2009


Marcel came over and shook the pears out of the tree. When he tasted the pear he said:

that is a very popular pear: Doyenne de Comice –

In the English wikipedia I could only find a lemma on European Pears. They do mention the pear that grows in my back yard but does not have its own lemma – like it has in the Dutch one. Guess you don’t have this pear in English speaking countries.

“European pear trees are not quite as hardy as apples but nearly so. They do however require some winter chilling to produce fruit.
For best and most consistent quality, European Pears are picked when the fruit matures, but before they are ripe. Fruit allowed to ripen on the tree often drops before it can be picked and in any event will be hard to pick without bruising. They store (and ship) well in their mature but unripe state if kept cold and can be ripened later, a process called bletting.”

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