>Amerika chooses

>As I was meditating I thought of the USA and Super Tuesday
and how much I want Hillary to be the next President of the USA.

In this Century of Woman a woman should be the President of the USA.
Then they would be the real Pioneers.

Everywhere in the world people want American things
whether it is Coca Cola, T shirts, jeans, music or movies.
Even when we hate America we love their jeans.

To me, as a Dutch woman born not too long after WW2, the USA are pioneers in the World.
When they arrived in the Netherlands in 45, after having fought for our freedom, they brought chocolate and cigarettes and a free way of being that was unkown here. My parents were in their twenties and felt strangled by all the morality and calvinism. The Americans didn’t say ‘sir’ to someone older as they were supposed to do. The Americans were jovial.
President Kennedy was a hero here amongst my parents and their friends and they cried when he died. I was eight years old and in my bed when the phone rang. It was the neighbor with the news that Kennedy was shot.

The Americans that I met here when I was 16 were hippies who were angry with their government for Vietnam. In the seventies the women’s movement came from Amerika(as we call the USA).
I’ve been there and I loved the countryside and some of the cities and I have many wonderful American friends. What happens there concerns me.

Today my friends and my enemies will elect their candidates.

It seems a matter of

Gender against Race
Voting pro Irak or not being able to vote for not being in The Senate.
Woman against Man
Experienced against New

Please choose wisely.

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  1. >Beautifully written, interesting information. Thanx!

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