>Old years evening

>Oliebollen & Appelflappen

In the Netherlands we eat Oliebollen & Appelflappen at New Years Eve. (we call it old years evening) Oliebollen became donuts in the States, you put a hole in them but here it is batter with raisins deepfried. Appelflappen is dough with apple and sugar. I love appelflappen.
In Amsterdam there are many places like the one above where you can buy these.
A big part of the money goes to charity, especially to the Rheuma fund.

We also have the tradition here to spend a lot of money on fireworks, Rati’s kid bought for €75 worth of bombs, flashes, cannons, firecrackers, screaming kitchenmaids, bengal fire and what more. From noon on Dec 31 till 3 New Years morning people are allowed to let them explode.
So since noon it’s been very noisy and everywhere you see groups of boys who light their fireworks with lots and lots of booms bangs and explosions and smoke. The city smells of gunpowder and tomorrow all streets will be covered with the purple paper that the fireworks were in.

Happy New Year.
Happy 2008

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