>Serious genderbending


Last week Rati & me were at the Pink Filmdays and saw some great films. We were both impressed by the film Stretch, risk or die

French Drag King Océan LeRoy has been a celebrity in Berlin’s transgender scene for years. Famous for his performances of quick transition from woman to man, Océan also lives the contradiction in real life: seductive Drag Star at night, smart businesswoman during the day.

In gently captured filmic moments unfolds an exceptionally fascinating personality, who goes beyond traditional gender categories but also very well knows how to play the game within them. Océan LeRoy yet stays ambiguous: between day and night, woman and man, openness and mystery.

The formerly divided Berlin is the fitting environment for this story and far more than just the background of the happenings.

After the show we met Ocean who is very aimable person and Rati and him had a special connection.

The next day we went to see him in Peper, the squatted building of the former Film Academy, where he did a show and sang his own songs. What fascinated me about Ocean was the fact that he refuses to be seen or see himself as a trans man. He feels he is intersexual, he doesn’t want operations or take hormones, nevertheless he wants to be seen as a he. Last year at the Mosse lecture Maaike Meijer, professor in Maastricht also pleaded for more genders than two.

Now we want to do some genderbending too. Watch us

You can check out Ocean here:


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