>Buddhist Joke

>A guy walks into the pet shop to buy a parrot. The shopkeeper shows him 3 parrots- a one thousand dollar parrot, a two thousand dollar parrot, and a three thousand dollar parrot. The guy asks, “What is the difference?” The shopkeeper says, “The one thousand dollar parrot speaks English. The two thousand dollar parrot speaks eight languages. The three thousand dollar parrot mumbles “something” and when he does, you get whatever you want. The guy buys the most expensive parrot.

He takes him home and removes the cage cover. The bird starts saying :Myoho renge kyo, nam-myoho renge kyo, nam-myoho renge kyo…” An hour later, the guy’s girlfriend calls and says , “Honey, I miss you. I can’t believe we broke up. How soon can we get together? I want you back!” Two hours later, his boss calls and says, “We are so sorry we fired you. We will give you a raise if you can come back on Monday.”

Eight hours later, the parrot is still chanting, so the guy calls the pet store and says, “this bird is driving me nuts. How do I get him to stop saying these words?” The shopkeeper says, “Oh! I forgot to tell you. You gotta ring the bell three times that’s located in the parrot’s cage. So the guy finds the bell and the ringer in the cage and sounds: “Ding, ding, ding.” The parrot slows to a finish with ” Nam..Myoho…Renge….Kyo.”

Then the bird speaks: “Niji sesson ju san mai…” etc.

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