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All great literature, ancient and modern, is a bridge connecting one human being to another, one spirit to another. The quality of our life is determined by how many of those bridges we can cross.

President Ikeda of SGI

Great to read this as I have been working like crazy on my own piece of literature. I am almost done. I know I said before that I was done but I was not satisfied. It took me the whole summer to think how and what I should do. I added another chapter and that is now almost done.
Yesterday I was behind my screen from 9 AM to 11 PM. The first four hours I spent looking for a text that seemed to be lost. After 4 (!) hours I finally found it again and wrote on and on.

This night I slept and slept, only to wake up around 6.30 for Britta had to go for a walk, We walked in the pouring rain and went back to sleep at 7.
Had some wonderful and strange dreams and finally woke up at 11.20!
It seems that finally I can sleep again. After years of waking up and laying awake.

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