>Whatever happened to The Talking Heads?

>In 1980 I made my first trip to the USA as a grown up. New York New York was my first stop, I planned on travelling all over the US for three months but never left Manhatten….. I stayed with my dear friend Pamela Camhe (who happens to be here right now) in Camp Canal on Canal Street 300, New York, New York 10013.

When I came back to Amsterdam I was totally homesick till I went back a year later.

But the best part about coming home was that my girlfriend Chanita had bought tickets for us to go see The Talking Heads a few weeks later. The Talking Heads were from New York and they were so hot. Everywhere we would go we heard them. When the door of a bar opened when we passed by it was Talking Heads.

We played them all the time, we sang with them and danced with them.

See & know why….

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