>I have been so quiet I can’t believe it. Anything wrong with me? Don’t remember. My past is my past and can’t be changed so I hardly ever think about what happened yesterday.

But what happened yesterday is that I had a very intense weekend doing my keibi services in the Cultural Centre in Zeist.
A Keibi is a person who is protecting and caring for centres where the Gohonzon is enshrined so a Keibi sits at the receptiondesk and sees every one who is going in and out.
A keibi also sits in the butsuma (the room where you can find the Gohonzon) and watches the Gohozon and everyone that comes into the butsuma to chant.
A keibi is the only person who can open the butsudan, the buddhist cabinet where the Gohonzon is enshrined.

What is the Gohonzon?

The Gohonzon is the prime point of faith, practice and study in Nichiren Buddhism. It provides us with a correct model or standard of faith and practice for our time. It usually takes the form of a paper scroll, with Chinese and Sanskrit characters printed on it in black ink. It is kept in a protective box, or butsudan. The area around the Gohonzon often has offerings of light (in the form of candles), evergreen, incense, water, and fruit. You may also see other offerings, and items like a bell around the butsudan.

When I came home from Zeist Mattias Duyvis was on my answeringmachine, I know him from a long time ago when there was still politics in my generation of queers, Mattias invited me to come to the world premiere of Lucia Rijker, a boxer a buddhist at the buddhist film festival.

There I met some other people I love or like.

Also Babette van Loo who I also know from that time. I wanted her to congratulate her on the film and festival but got all confused when she said she had recognized me but that I had grown a lot in the width.
Then I said I remembered her from the Womens festival in 1977, I felt really embarrased about this dive in our past…..

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