>Drinking Water


This is my cat Midas aka Mickey, he is a red Persian but he is mixed. His mother was a Queen but his dad a regular streetcat. For the first two years of his life he lived with a human mother and daughter, the mother had a Siamese and the daughter had Midas.
The Siamese hated Midas and fought him every minute of the day. They would come home, the cups would be broken, the chairs had fallen. In short: A mess.
So the solution was to lock Midas up. He was locked in and up and he was going crazy.
After two years they decided to find him a home and they put up a note in the pet store. I was catless. My little sweetie Duifje had died and as I loved her so much I couldn’t handle another cat. But when I had mice I asked the lady in the pet store about Midas. I went over there with Britta. Midas was sitting on the window sill and I feel in love right away. They asked me to take him home straight away so I took him. The first five days he was in the closet but when he came out he explored the house and than the garden. He is happy here.

Since a year he loves to sit in the tub. Whenever we go in there he jumps on the side, meeows and wants us to turn on the water.
Often I have to clean the bath in the morning because he leaves many things that stick to him from the garden, it can be snails, branches, leaves, catpoop, ants.
One day as I was taken a bath, he jumped in.
And out.

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