(photo has nothing to do with what I write)

I don’t know about you but I do know about me…. I miss my friends when they are on holiday.
I miss my friends and I miss my family.
Do you know what I mean?
You are reading something in the paper and you think: hey what would Suzanne think about this, you pick up the phone only to realize that she is not there, she went away on a three week holiday to Mexico,
I want to make a salad like my mother used to make and I need to talk to my sister for the ingredients, I pick up the phone and then I remember she is not there, she is gone away to Sardinia with her three boyfriends.
And there I am. Missing them.
But fortunately, holidays have something good too.
The city is empty.
Always a place to park my car (I don’t have a car), empty streets with room enough to cycle, no queues in the shops and empty pavements. At least in my part of town where never a tourist sets a foot.

I will not be writing for a couple of days.
I am on holiday.

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