>Finally it is Summer here.
Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my two friends Marcel and Mathilde. We met in the open air public swimmingpool around the corner from my house. It was totally packed with families and friends. We sat on the grass, ate peaches and cucumbers, we swam and I did a Tarot reading about an issue that has been on my mind for some months now.

At 5 we all had to leave the pool which was a pity because the sun was still high and hot. The three of us went to our own homes but while I was chanting I realized I had to go to Mathilde and get the rest of my Tarot reading to fully understand what was said.
When I came home from that I found my dog (or cat) had shit in the hall. Lots of cleaning and feeling for the poor thing.

I went to bed at 10 PM, only to wake up several times, the last time it was 3.55 AM and my dog needed to go out. It was hot outside, not many people were out but for a beautiful woman in an orange dress who passed by on her bike.

And today the sun is out again, I plan to write some more and have a two hour tozo here to chant for worldpeace and for peace in my heart and happiness for me and my friends.

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