We are having a snail plague here. Too many of them, they kill my plants, they eat them up. Within 12 hours they can become eight times as big while they are eating my plants.
My girlfriend Rati is an animal lover, she doesn’t eat meat because she feels sorry for the animals, who can not defend themselves, she feels nobody should eat meat and that when you eat meat it is bad for your karma.
I don’t really know what to think.
In a way she could be right, maybe it creates bad karma when you eat something that you have to kill.
To make something suffer because I need to eat?
Doesn’t sound too good or appealing to me.
Rati is also very caring for the snails in my garden. She doesn’t want them killed.
She has offered to collect them and let them free in the Beatrixpark but when she went out to look for them they were hiding.

SO what do I do?
Do I create bad karma if I stop the snails from eating my plants?
Or do I help the snails by killing them so they can be reborn in a some what higher life form than sliding over the ground?

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