>Sweet Soul Music

>Had a wonderful evening last night in Paradiso, one of Amsterdams famous poptemples, to enjoy the music of the Daughters of famous soul singers.
The place was packed with a beautiful mix of all the different ethnic groups we have living here and varying in age. Everybody was out to have a great time and that is what we got. Highlight was the hot version of I sweat, a song that I do not know its origin but was steamy, smoky and fumy sung by Nona Hendryx and Simone (the daughter of Nina Simone).

After we had clapped and called for encores, it was over but the DJ played a mix of very danceble soul and Rati danced wildly, I couldn’t since I have serious footproblems, but did I enjoy watching her dance and watching all the beautiful people who were enjoying themselves immensly.
I saw the Buddha in all those dancers and in the people who were carrying out the equipment. I felt enlightment. Sweet sweet soul music.

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