>I changed some wording on my blog.
A lot of my talks with a dear friend are about Low Life. A kind of life I don’t want to have. Lowlife means to dwell in your misery. To talk bad about people. To not face your own demons but to try to hide them away from yourself and hide yourself by using drugs, other people, your work, blaming others or anything that stops you from reaching for higher goals.

I want to live high life. I try to find value in the things that are happening to me. I want to face my demons, my weaknesses, the enemy inside of me. I will always try to find the Buddha in me, in you, I will not always succeed in this but I will keep on trying, as long as I am a buddhist and as long as I am practicing this buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. I do not want to give up, I want to achieve my goals and I want to believe in them.

Sometimes I would sit in front of my Gohonzon (our object of worship) and cry so much and feel so connected to all of us, all of us who fail in love, all of us who lose in love, all of us who think we fail.
I would feel and cry, feel and cry and I would continue chanting and I would think:
If I,(emphasis on I) would lose hope, how can I ever believe we will have WORLDPEACE?
If I,(emphasis on I) who has the Gohonzon, can not believe things will change for the better, how will it ever get better?

So, to come back to my changing of Low Lands into Netherlands, I live in the Netherlands and not in the Low Lands.

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