>International Women’s Day 2007


At International Women’s Day Annemieke(on my left side) & I always get together and celebrate Women’s Day. We go out for a bite to eat and later either go to the women’s cafe or if there is an event we go there, dance, listen and drink.
Yesterday a group of powerful women got together at the Melkweg photogallery

for the opening of the impressive exhibition of Patrizia Casamira.
Women who were in war were portrayed in black and white. The color photo is of a silent witness to the injustice done to them or to their relatives.
On one of the photo’s below you see a car, this kind of car was used in the Argentinan Dirty War to kidnap people in.
What struck me most in this exhibition was the power the women expressed and how they would not give in to hatred but kept on believing in human kind.
True survivors.

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