>Venus Freaks

>After an absence of three years we could finally party again.
Last night I partied with a bunch of friends – Xaviera Hollander and Rati Manjari, Lisa Lipkin and Allen Erzutst @ Venusfreaks in the Sugar Factory.

We danced, ran into friends that we had not seen since the abortion demonstrations in the 70’s or last in New York in 1980, or shared the dancefloor with at the highlights of the RoXy.

My girl and I won the First Prize at Quiz Lezbique:
A thirty minute massage upstairs.
The masseuses were nowhere to be seen so my sweetheart and I massaged eachother.

It was the best party yet.
Hope to dance again real soon.

Venus Freaks stands for openminded happenings we can best describe as menfriendly women parties that are refreshing, funny and sexy. We break down existing barriers between the various scenes within the lesbian community. We want everybody to feel at home when attending a Venus Freaks party: gay, bisexual and gay-minded people, women and men alike. We want to provide an ambience where women can party among themselves and still bring their male friends.

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