>I am up but I am out

>Last Saturday I got rained on three times and once again I am sick.
A flu a cold whatever it is, It ain’t feeling good so I am going back to bed.
Rest and sleep.

I took ginger tea, the anti flu medicine Hot Coldrex and extra Vitamine C.

Any thing else I should take?
Please let me know.

Eén reactie op “>I am up but I am out”

  1. >I have a wonderful, magical “medical herb tea-book”!You could use a lot of herb teas.I’ll try to find the English names af it. To be sure I’m right I’ll also write the Dutch name of it.- Milfoil(duizendblad)- Thyme(tijm): don’t use to much and to long. A good thing but bad tast…(that’s the one I use)- Salie- Bernagie(komkommerkruid)- Hedge-taper(koningskaars)- Hysop- GinsengI’ll hope one of these will help you too!I hope you will soon be well again!

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