>Making what seems impossible real

Yesterday as I was hunting in bookstores I found this amazing photograph:
Floating stones.
I was moved and very impressed with this photograph.
At home I looked it up on the Internet and I saw many more amazing photographs of this artist: Martin Hill.

I asked him if I could use his photo for my weblog and he wrote me a very nice email back:

The image is my photograph of my sculpture made using pumice stones which are of volcanic origin. they are full of air so they are able to float on water.
To make the sculpture I used sticks which were pushed into the soft rock and into the lake bed to hold the stones in place.

All my sculptures are informed by the cyclic processes of nature which we now have to emulate in industrial and human systems to become sustainable.

I think his work is absolutely wonderful.
Art makes the world a more beautiful place.
Thanks Martin for these images.

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