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>When I was in my twenties music was my big love. I went to see bands at least three times a week, always in front, dancing, jumping up and down. I was lucky enough to make many friends in the music world and to have a job in what is considered to be one of the Netherlands Pop temple De Melkweg, Milkyway, where I could see bands everyday.
I was of course very much into girl or women bands as they are also called.
I loved: Bloods, Au Pairs, Malaria!, Modettes, Bitchband Nr 1, Nina Hagen, Idiotsavant, and more more more.
Today I got an invitation to join The Bloods on MySpace, which I did. I could listen to four of their songs and I did. My favorite then was: Blue Chevorlet with the great line:

Fall in love with the boy inside the girl

It was almost a prophecy as one of the girls in The Bloods is a man now.

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