>Two and a half weeks later


I am two and a half weeks gone in my purification cure. Most of the time it is going really well.
I love my fruit in the morning and in the afternoon a big bowl of salad with all sorts of vegetables and greens and at night love eating my soaked raw grains mixed with apple, lemon juice, quark, honey and nuts.
Yesterday good friend AVK came over and we had coffee. My first, with lots of milk. It could be that the coffee and the milk was a big mistake as my stomach is upset. AVK kept going on about how good I looked and that I lost a lot of weight.
I love her!
The plan is to go back to my slender self. The way I was when my parents were still alive. After their passing I started eating fanatically and while I was in a relationship with Xaviera Hollander I just indulged in eating A LOT. Chocolate, cakes and cheese were the three BIG C’s in our relationship.
For my health & for moving around I know it is better to lose weight so I started this diet.
Actually this cure. Need to be healthy.

2 reacties op “>Two and a half weeks later”

  1. >Congratulations!!I’d like to wish you all the spirits and courage you need to get where you want to be!And…you look great and happy.

  2. >Hi darling, I admire your commitment to this cure and I smile to see how much you manage to enjoy your healthy food, and, for that matter, life in general. You are a great teacher to me, because you know how to appreciate even small things and therefore it is a pleasure to be with you. Loving to be sincerely yours, and striving to be better at it, I remain….

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