>It is five minutes before the end of the day and I have not written in my blog.
It has been seven days since I started my cure.
Purification and I feel so pure.

I am just sitting here finishing my novel.
Yesterday someone sent me a message on my Dutch log:

I have a koan for you:
‘Why Dia finished her novel’

I looked up Koan in Wikipedia

A kō·an (公案; Japanese: kōan, Chinese: gōng-àn) is a story, dialogue, question, or statement in the history and lore of Chan (Zen) Buddhism, generally containing aspects that are inaccessible to rational understanding, yet that may be accessible to intuition. A famous koan is, “Two hands clap and there is a sound; what is the sound of one hand?” (oral tradition, attributed to Hakuin Ekaku, 1686-1769, considered a reviver of the koan tradition in Japan).

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