>My second day

>Yesterday was really hard, I had a late night with my girl full of love and delight and I woke up around 8 AM feeling very very tired. In summer I don’t need much sleep but in the grey weather of Amsterdam it is so hard to wake up… so I stayed in bed and fell asleep again.
But NOT waking up with my coffee…..
Let me tell you about my coffee, I grind my beans myself and make coffee in a perculator. When the coffee is done, I whip my low fat milk (as I found out low fat milk makes the best foam) with a great kitchen utensil called Staafmixer and then I go back to bed, in these grey days I turn on my Daylight Power Lamp and read
it was hard so hard to get out of bed.
This lack of coffee gave me a headache and I was really glad to go to sleep real early, the clock was not even at 10 PM.
I had a good night, I woke up a couple of times and Britta wanted me to take her out but I was fine.

And I am keeping me determination to chant ONE HOUR a day for Worldpeace. Kosenrufu now.

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  1. >Hi Adiah, you are doing great! You may think that you are going unnoticed, like we often do, but it is not true. I and many friends, known and unknown to you, are reading your postings daily and we are pondering them, each in our own way, getting to you know you better and getting to appreciate the many factes of life more, through your eyes. Your writings remind me of something Mother Theresa said: “We cannot do great things. We can only do small things, with great love.” Thank you for spreading yur love throughout the world and for your determination to chant for world peace. You are a special soul.I wish you all success in your diet marathon, and encouraging health results!

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