>Melanie and Aadiahh in May 1970

In this period where I am being influenced by the Lack of Light the singer who you can see in this photo, the well known and best of singers
sings in my heart and on my CDplayer.

I have been listening and comforted by her great album:
Yes Santa, there is a Melanie
with Melanie’s most favorite Christmas songs + a couple of her own Christmas songs, it is a wonderful album that you can download here:

http://www.melaniesmusic.com/shoppe/index.html (just copy and paste)

Now with the renewed interest in a singer like Leonard Cohen, I am waiting for Melanie to be rediscovered by new singers and performers. I think not many people are aware of Melanie’s real and true songs but I can’t wait to hear others do her justice.


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