>So yesterday I decided that I wanted more Ichinen. That was one of my wishes for next year. Another one of my wishes was to sleep better as I have not slept very well for the last years. Mrs K, who is one of the pioneers in the Netherlands, said that she had also suffered from this but had decided she was going to sleep better and she had. Mrs K is always so wise and has such a special way of talking.
After the meeting we had a party, a new years or old years or a just get together party, everyone had brought food and drinks and the three sons of two of our members were present too, it was real ‘gezellig’, a Dutch word meaning warm, cozy and friendly.
I went home through heavy rain on my bike but in my good and red wintercoat.
At home I had a long phone conversation with my friend Mathilde. I told her my wishes and she convinced me to change my attitude about my sleeping problem. She urged me to tell myself I am a great sleeper, that I sleep wonderful and long hours.
I thought how I just had said I wanted more Ichinen and how it came to me, just some hours later.
Needless to say I had a really good sleep.
Yes, I did wake up but I didn’t look at the clock and I fell asleep again.

Ichinen. Yes

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