>I have to turn off the computer now but I can’t. Is this computer addiction? Is there already CA, Compteralics Anonymous? Probably somewhere in America, as we call the USA. In America everything is possible and everything is thought of or thought about.
But I can not get into America now.
I have to turn off my computer because I have to go celebrate Sinterklaas. For the first time since the death of my mother I am going to have a Sinterklaas with the wife and kid.
My new wife with her 11 year old kid.I got heavily rained on as I went out to buy presents. And I ate myself a sick stomach, already on Marsepein.
I have to pack presents, write poems as if I am Sinterklaas, tease a little as Sinterklaas does.
It is something very Dutch and can be seen as Racist.
About that I am really embarrased.
But I still celebrate. Or celebrate again.
So I am going to close this machine.

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