>There is one day when I don’t turn my computer and yesterday was that day. So if you missed me: I am back!

The title of this Blog is: In the Dutch Mountains.
I stole this title from a song by a rather good Dutch band called The Nits.
Really worth listening to.
The song In the Dutch Mountains goes like this:

In the dutch mountains

I was born in the valley of bricks
where the river runs high above the rooftops
I was waiting for the cars coming home late at night
from the Dutch mountains

I was standing in the valley of rock
up to my belly in an early fog
I was looking for the road to a green painted house
in the Dutch mountains

in the Dutch mountains

I met a woman in the valley of stone
she was painting roses on the walls of her home
and the moon is a coin with the head of the queen
of the Dutch mountains

I lost a button of my shirt today
it fell on the ground
and it was rolling away
like a trail leading me back
to the Dutch mountains

to the Dutch mountains

I met a miller on the back of a cow
he was looking for the wind
but he didn’t know how
I said
follow the cloud that looks like a sheep

in the Dutch mountains
in the Dutch mountains
in the Dutch mountains
mountains mountains

(c) Henk Hofstede – Rob Kloet – Robert Jan Stips

Great lyrics, great music. I hope the Nits like my blog.

When ever you read In the Dutch mountains somewhere know it was The Nits…. first.

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