> The year is 1977 and I am 23. I look so sad. In so many of the photo’s of those times I look beautiful but in so much pain. I have been wondering lately, what was wrong with me?
I had no hope. Those were the times. It was 1977, we thought we had No Future, as women we didn’t have much to say in society, there were no jobs for us, the Cold War was freezing our senses, a nuclear war was at hand.

Also in 1977 I met my friends. Lidi and Stel, my life long friends. Dees who died two years ago was also in the pack, I hope we were her life long friends. Thanks to them I would lose my pain in the humor of my friends who’d make me laugh.
Who gave me the confidence to be who I was. A lesbian with a blade of grass.

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