>Off so off


Since about two weeks every morning when I turned on my computer I got a message that my software, Windows XP professional, was counterfeit and  illegal. The message looked all cute and beautiful with flowers but was very disturbing, I bought this computer from some computerguy that had cost me a lot of money and I had no wish, nor desire to call the guy for an explanation. I decided to buy my own version before all my documents, my writings, my photo’s and my manuscripts would disappear into the big virtual void.

So I got my own paid and legal version Windows XP, home edition and installed it.

Then all computer hell broke loose. I don’t wish to bore you, have no intention to go crazy again or to re live computer hell but it took me a whole night to sort of fix it.

It took a day to get reorganized and it took another day to get my keyboard to work again. Now it does, sort of, and I am so happy! And proud of myself for fixing it. I am dead tired, have pain in my eyes and will have an early sleep.

But this is why you have not heard from me for some days. But I am back……………………

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