>Gaia speaks:



So you see

it was

it was

it was empty nothingness,

it was black,

it was the abstinence of light,

pitch-black was I

there was no understanding

there was no she, nor we
it was before there ever was I and long before there was a thing like you, a you like you

before that there was nothing

there was oblivion, there was a void, there was hollow, there was I

so the darkness just fell unto me

it was gloom, obscurity and woe

and me I was lonely

I could not leave this endless night

as I was stuck

in one foot

in a forsaken place

light failed me

I wanted you

there was no you

there was no far

there was no thing

there wasjust I

I heard my thoughts that spun around a thousand time,

I started making sense

the light was I

like nothingness


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