>One day a week


One day a week I am not using my computer. One day computerless. It’s good to not stare at this screen, or hear the annoying noise of the computer ventilator. Don’t you agree it’s pretty irritating this constant drone? I can’t really stand it. My IBM is quiet but not as quiet as silence. And I love silence.

So yesterday I worked in my garden. Rati worked on my front garden which is 10 meters long and 20 centimeters wide where as I trimmed my rose and my mariuhuana. I thought about harversting but have decided against it. The buds are still too small.

Rain is predicted so I put the plants in a pot under the balcony of my upstairs neigbor, rain can be good but with these tender plants it often causes mold and fungus.
That’s a waste.

So I keep a close watch on these plants of mine.

Yesterday night I finally watched

‘ What the bleep do we know ‘
a movie about quantemmechanics, i need to see the movie again to fully understand what those scientist say but what became clear is that you make your own life. What you want and ask for can be given to you. This is something I already believe in as I have noticed that by chanting:


my wishes came true. My wish for today, apart from my dear friends to be happy, is to write a 1000 words on my manuscript, so I guess I beter start.

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